Root Digger Plow

Hiller / Furrowers, Ridgers

All these tools are designed to create a narrow planting furrow or, with “wings” on rear folded out, push soil further out to create ridges / perform hilling of crops.

The Hiller/Furrower is an accessory to the tiller implement; it attaches with a single pin to the rear of the tiller implement and is used with the tiller tines running so it can sink into the soil. The forward rotation of the tines helps to give extra “push” to offset the drag created by the tool. Works best as a “hiller” when tractor is run in 2nd gear, as the higher velocity helps to “flip” the soil further out.

  • AR2-B (fits BCS) or AR2-G (fits Grillo)
  • Price: $99 $85

The Combined Ridger (Grillo only) is really just a fancier hiller/furrower, quite time-consuming to mount, but it is a bit easier to handle and does a better job. Mounting it requires removing the hood of the tiller implement and narrowing the tine width to 16” (by removing tines) and then bolting the combined ridger over the tines in place of the hood. Takes half an hour plus to mount or dismount, so it is only recommended for large furrowing/ridging/hilling applications. Some customers actually just purchase another tiller implement and permanently convert it. Fits Grillo brand 22” and 27” tillers.

  • 944511 (fits tiller implement on Grillo G85 - 110)
  • Price: $170 $150

Aldo Biagioli Adjustable Ridger is a tool that that attaches to the tractor in place of the tiller, and since the tiller implement is no longer there to help “push” the tractor, wheel weights are recommended for extra traction. “Attack” angle of this tool relative to tractor is adjustable, unlike the above two styles, and this one can also be offset slightly (up to 4”) to the left or right of the tractor center-point if desired, as the drawbar has multiple mounting holes. The Drawbar on the Aldo Biagioli brand tools (shown below) attaches to tractor at PTO mounting, for a solid and sturdy mount. (Other brands of Ridgers on the market attach at the tractor “tow hitch” mounting, which, in our testing, has proven to be a poor place to mount such an implement, as it is very hard to control the “side-swing” of the tool… the “limiter” bolts supplied on the tow-hitch type of tool carrier simply have very little surface to brace against, and they deform easily. We have chosen NOT to carry these other brands, due to this problem.)

Aldo Biagioli offers two sizes of Ridgers, to accommodate different tractor sizes: Small for tractors with 18” & 20” tall tires, Large for tractors with 22” & 23” tall tires.

THIS TOOL REQUIRES THE DRAWBAR AND TOOL CARRIER SHOWN BELOW!! Angle of frame relative to tractor adjusted by T-handle crank on Tool Carrier…this allows “attack” angle of the tool to be adjusted. (NOTE: If purchasing multiple implements made by Aldo Biagioli, ONLY ONE Tool Carrier and Drawbar need to be purchased! Tool carrier and Drawbar change quickly from implement to implement with just one pin.)

Drawbar (Left) and AT-30-ET Tool Carrier (Right)
with hookup hardware

Adjustable Ridgers

  • AS5B (small, fits BCS 722 - 853, Grillo G85 - G131): $159 $155
  • AS10B (large, fits BCS 749 - 948, Grillo G110 - G131): $219 $205
  • Wheel weights recommended
  • Larger-than-standard wheels may be required

Drawbars for Aldo Biagioli implements

  • BP-80 Fits BCS or Grillo bolt-on PTO $40 $35
  • BP-80-QH Fits Quick-coupling PTO (specify tractor brand & model) $60 $55