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Wheel Hoes

We are now pleased to offer American-made professional grade wheel hoes built in Georgia. These units feature Amish crafted red oak handles made in Ohio, steel wheel/s measuring 15” in diameter (that never go flat or dry-rot), and an easy system of changing tools on the frame. The handles are adjustable in angle / height to accommodate different peoples’ heights. Supplied standard with cultivator chisels; several other accessories available as well.

Wheel hoes available in 1-wheel or 2-wheel configurations, and with Standard handles (pictures on hoes) or Pistol-grip handles (inset)

  • Handle Length: 54”
  • Overall Length: 74”
  • Handle Width: 21 “
  • Wheel Diameter: 15”
  • Coverage Width: 2” to 13” (Adjustable / depending on accessories)
  • Weight: 14 lbs. single wheel / 18 lbs. double wheel

Single Wheel version with 3 cultivator chisels

Standard grip: Buy $159.00

Pistol grip (MOST POPULAR): Buy $159.00

Double Wheel version with 4 cultivator chisels

Standard grip: Buy $199.00

Pistol grip (MOST POPULAR): Buy $199.00


Left-hand AND Right-hand Hilling Plow set:: Buy $37.00

Stirrup hoe: 6”: Buy $22.00

Stirrup hoe: 8”: Buy $24.00

Stirrup hoe: 12”: Buy $29.00

“Spreader bar” to mount 2 Stirrup hoes to Double wheel hoe: Buy $14.00

Set of Sweeps: Buy $39.00

Set of 3 Replacement Cultivator Chisels: Buy $13.00

NEW!! Single-row Seeder for Wheel Hoes!! Includes 6 seed plates, seed size ranges from Carrots to Corn

Buy $150.00

CLICK HERE for Blank seed plates (drill your own holes!!): $5.00 each

Metal “Template” for drilling holes in plates: Buy $14.00

Kit to add second wheel (for HOSS single-wheel hoes): Buy $50.00