Scoop-Bucket and BuckRake)

Front-mount Power Barrow

When moving loads UP steep hills, the design of this implement makes it the best choice. Since it is used in the Front-PTO mode, when going uphill, the weight of the load is partially shifted back onto the tractor (driving) wheels, and traction and control are maximized.

CAEB Minicargo front mounted dump cart. This extremely well-built unit is manufactured by the same company that produces our Haybaler. The deluxe model of the “push” type haulage tools, this implement actually has a STEERING SYSTEM built into the front wheels, with a control lever that comes back over the tractor, so the operator can control the unit precisely no matter what the terrain. 16” tall x 4” wide front wheels,

This model is not cheap, but I can say that every customer that has purchased one of these from us (typically for very steep terrain) LOVES it. Equipped with male quick-coupling built in (tractor must be equipped with female quick-coupling) and front wheel parking brakes. 10 cubic foot capacity (heaped); 1000 lb. weight capacity.

NOTE REGARDING SHIPPING: To save our customers money and to reduce the chances of damage in transit (fully assembled, they are so large, they would cost considerably more to ship), this model is shipped not-quite-fully assembled …the steering control bar needs to be installed (2 bolts).

CAEB Minicargo front dump cart w/ brakes

  • MSRP: $1999 $1799
  • Specify which tractor brand & model it needs to fit.
  • Additional accessories may be needed to fit some tractor models (BCS 660, 750, 948; Grillo G131)