Driven-wheel Utility Trailers


Work (mowing) Sulky A “Work” sulky (also called ‘Mowing sulky’) can be attached to the larger BCS tractors (tractors with differential and steering brakes) with the tractor in the FRONT-PTO MODE (hence the name: “mowing” sulky). Thus, the operator can ride during mowing operations, or with any other front-PTO-operated implement, such as a power sweeper, hayrake/tedder, fertilizer spreader, etc. The sulky attaches to two extension-hubs which mount to the the wheel hubs of the tractor (which is the “fulcrum” point of the machine), in order to not negatively impact the “balance” of the tractor/implement. HOWEVER: Our advice is: If it seems to be too good to be true, it’s because it is.

The Work / Mowing sulky has several disadvantages that we want to make sure our customers understand:

One: just because you are riding doesn’t mean the tractor can work any faster! The speeds geared into these tractors are designed for: A. Typical human walking pace, and B. The speeds necessary to operate the types of agricultural implements that are available for the tractors. There simply is no “faster” working speed you can gear up to when you are sitting down. (The “transport” speed some tractor models have is WAY too fast for any kind of work, except maybe pulling a trailer…and in that case, you’ve already got a seat on the trailer, so who needs a sulky??).

Two: Walk-behind tractors are very maneuverable, and will normally make almost 180 degree turns…unless you attach a sulky. The sulky is essentially a trailer, and it will limit the radius of turns by ‘jack-knifing’ if too sharp a turn is made. For this reason, backing up with a sulky attached is tricky as well.

One saving grace of this sulky is that it attaches and detaches from the extension-hubs on the tractor quickly, with 2 quick-pins.

So, if you find it is too cumbersome for a tight area, you can pop the sulky off quickly. NOTE: Keep in mind that the extension hubs will NOT mount in conjunction with any type of wheel-weight system…therefore, having wheel weights on the tractor and using the sulky are exclusive of each other. Also, most of the axle extensions will not work in conjunction with the sulky either.

BCS Mowing/Work Sulky (includes extension-hubs)

  • Item 921.90569; fits BCS models 749 through 948 $750 $712