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R2 Rinaldi Power Harrows

Power Harrows (also called Rotary Harrows) offer the ultimate in seedbed prep and secondary tillage/weed control. Professional market gardeners and farmers in Europe have been using these machines for many years, and folks in North America are finally “catching on” that these tools are the best secondary tillage option, particularly for soils that are worked multiple times during the growing season.

HOW THEY WORK: Multiple sets of tines rotate on vertical axles for totally horizontal tillage of the soil – NO inversion of soil layers and NO vertical compression leading to hardpan formation. Also, the “stirring” action does not over-pulverize the soil such as can be done with a rototiller; the soil stays in better shape, and can be worked more times in a season without risk of seriously damaging soil structure. The mesh roller in the rear perfectly levels and pre-tamps seedbed for precision seeding and good seed-to-soil contact, and the roller adjusts incrementally up & down for perfect depth adjustments ranging from 0” to 5.5” working depth.

We offer TWO brands of power harrows: The “Original” harrows, built by R2 Rinaldi of Italy since 1979 (this is the brand made famous in Jean-Martin Fortier’s book, The Market Gardener…he purchased an R2 Harrow from us in 2008); and also the BCS-brand “Clovis” harrows, produced in Canada.

We offer the R2 Rnialdi brand because we feel that it is the highest-quality and best-handling line of power harrows on the market, and we also offer the BCS brand simply because we are a BCS dealer. If you are considering one of these implements, please review the following information to better educate you about the differences between these brands:

  R2 Rinaldi Harrows BCS “Clovis” Harrows
Drive type Heat-treated, hardened steel gears–MOST DURABLE Chain-drive
Width options 20”, 24”, 30”, 36” 21”, 32” (not properly sized for 30” beds)
Side / front protection Adjustable-depth, spring-loaded steel plates - firmly holds soil in on sides, to form better raised beds Rubber flaps - poor control of soil on sides, rubber will dry-rot
Adjustable Grader blade Available, helps with landscaping projects None
Optional roller styles Mesh roller, Solid roller or Bar-type roller Mesh roller only
Depth/Height adjustment system: Fast screw-crank with 1/8” adjustment increments Lever-type with ½” increments (lever-type system designed to help offset the extra weight of these harrows, which are 40+ lbs. heavier than the R2 and much harder to handle)
Company experience Building harrows since 1979 Building harrows since 2014
CURRENT PROMOTIONS: 20% Discount on one of our hand-forged heavy-duty broadforks with purchase of R2 Power Harrow Free “lightweight” broadfork from BCS with purchase of Clovis power harrow (“light” broadfork will not hold up in heavy soils; for light soils ONLY)

Obviously, the R2 brand harrows offer many advantages in durability and usability, but if a customer simply must have “everything BCS brand”, then we can supply the BCS “Clovis” harrow.

The current R2 harrows are designed to be the easiest-handling and longest-lasting harrows in each size class. (Revisions were made in early 2016 to the 30” model to improve handling compared to previous R2 models.) The power harrows DO have some weight to them, though – this is by design, so they can put enough pressure on the rear roller to “tamp” the soil properly. Based on the tractor model you are applying it to, a front counter-balance weight may be helpful to achieve the best handling. We also recommend that many tractor models be equipped with 5x12x22” or larger wheels for proper ground clearance, particularly when being used on raised beds. (Ask us about our recommendations for wheel size & possible counterbalance weights)

Jean-Martin Fortier in 2017, with the current R2 Rinaldi 30" Power Harrow...His quote: "The new R2 is really awesome; it’s much improved, and for sure the better product out there."

Due to the fact that the harrows are the only soilworking implement that has an oscillating swivel-joint at the PTO coupling allowing the harrow to “float” independent of the tractor axle, these tools are also coveted by the landscaping industry for leveling out / renovating yards or any lumpy terrain. Many of the R2 brand harrows are even available with a small (removable) adjustable-height grader blade at the front to level out the ground in that plane as well. (NOTE: for agricultural work, the grader-blade is typically removed, because when it is place, the harrow won’t go over 3” deep without the grader blade starting to push soil.)

Another option that R2 offers is 3 different roller types: The standard (and most popular) is the expanded-mesh roller, but also available are solid rollers and bar-style rollers, depending on the finish you want and the soil type/conditions you have.

R2-brand 30” units are also available with a full-width drop-seeder attachment mounted between the harrow and the mesh roller for lawn/cover crop seeding.

(This seeder also available in a configuration that fits the tractor directly, without the harrow…see our Seeding implements section)


Click Here to view a short (older) video of an R2 power harrow in action.

Click Here for a complete video of the NEW R2 power harrow.


20” R2 Rinaldi Power Harrow

  • MTL50-B fits BCS 722 - 853 (not 750)
  • MTL50-G fits Grillo G85-G110
  • Minimum tractor HP: 8 hp
  • Weight: 131 lbs
  • Larger-than-standard wheels may be required on tractor
  • May require front weight for tractor, for proper balance
  • Price: $1,899 $1,700

21” BCS “Clovis” Power Harrow

  • 921PH210 fits BCS 722 - 853 (not 750)
  • Minimum tractor HP: 8hp Gas
  • Weight: 152 lbs
  • Larger-than-standard wheels may be required on tractor
  • May require front weight for tractor, for proper balance
  • Requires that tractor be equipped with female quick-coupling
  • Price: $2,100 $1995

24” R2 Rinaldi Power Harrow

  • MT60-B fits BCS 732 - 853 (not 750)
  • MT60-G fits Grillo G85d - G110
  • Minimum tractor HP: 10hp Gas, 8hp Diesel
  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Larger-than-standard wheels may be required on tractor
  • May require front weight for tractor, for proper balance
  • Price: $2,069 $1,869

30” R2 Rinaldi Power Harrow (Best seller)

  • MTE75-B fits BCS 732 - 853, 750
  • MTE75-G fits Grillo G107 - G131
  • Minimum tractor HP: 11hp Gas, 8hp Diesel
  • Weight: 163 lbs
  • Larger-than-standard wheels may be required on tractor
  • May require front weight for some tractor models, for proper balance
  • May require additional accessory to fit BCS 750
  • Price: $2,299 $2,099
  • Drop-seeder to fit R2 30” harrow (WILL NOT FIT BCS “Clovis” Harrow): Item 036.750-H: $1699 $1500

32” BCS “Clovis” Power Harrow

  • 921PH320 fits BCS 749 - 853, 750 (we do not recommend for 732-739 due to the short handlebars on those models)
  • Minimum tractor HP: 11hp Gas
  • Weight: 215 lbs
  • Larger-than-standard wheels may be required on tractor
  • Requires front weight for tractor, for proper balance
  • Requires that tractor be equipped with female quick-coupling
  • Price: $2,300 $2185

36” R2 Rinaldi Power Harrow

  • MT90-B fits BCS 750
  • MT90-G131 fits Grillo G131
  • Minimum tractor HP: 13hp Gas, 11hp Diesel
  • Weight: 242 lbs
  • Requires front weight for tractor, for proper balance
  • Price: $2,749 $2,450