Replacement Engines

Since a BCS or Grillo walk-behind tractor will typically outlast the original engine, we offer selection of replacement engines to re-power your old machine. Our selection is based on the best deals we can find to offer our customers, and changes from time to time.

For folks who have an older 600/700 series BCS machine with an ACME engine on it, there are 2 options:

  1. We can sell you an “adapter/clutch kit”, along with any of several “USA Standard” engine types, listed below. The adapter/clutch kit is REQUIRED to mount any North-American-standard engine, because all N.A. standard engines have American-measurement crankshafts & bolt-patterns, and will not directly fit a BCS Machine like the ACME engine did. (All NEW BCS or Grillo tractors with Honda, Yamaha, Briggs, etc. engines on them have this adapter & clutch mounted at the factory.)

  2. MOST POPULAR: We stock a “European version” of the Kohler 9.5hp engine, which has a European tapered crankshaft and Euro 6-bolt mounting pattern, so it is a DIRECT REPLACEMENT for the older ACME engines used on earlier BCS and Mainline machines–WITHOUT having to use an adapter or new clutch!! Since Kohler has actually purchased ACME and essentially discontinued the brand, they offer this new engine in Europe to replace the ACME 8 and 10hp engines. We have special-ordered these engines in an EPA compliant version, and are offering them here in the USA!

If your BCS has a non-ACME engine on it already, then the USA standard engines below (with ¾” or 1” keyed crankshafts) will fit your tractor directly, because you already have the clutch & adapter for the USA standard engine. All engines configured for “remote throttle” hookup on request at no extra charge.

–NOTE: If you have an old Mainline machine that was built by S.E.P. (Ladybug, 2+2, 1300, 1500, 1700), the best option is the Kohler 9.5hp engine mentioned above. If for some reason you prefer a different engine, we can also offer “modified” engine adapter kits to fit some of these S.E.P. machines …call for details and pricing, and we MAY actually need to get your old clutch sent here first to make sure the new kit is compatible.



  • 9.5 hp Kohler model CH395, recoil start: $545 (DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR ACME A220, AL/ALN290 or AL/ALN330 ENGINES on BCS 600/700 series tractors!! Does NOT require Adapter/clutch kit!)
  • 9.5 hp Kohler Model CH395, Electric and recoil start (battery and battery support NOT included): $675 (DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR ACME A220, AL/ALN290 or AL/ALN330 ENGINES on BCS 600/700 series tractors!! Does NOT require adapter/clutch kit!)
  • 6hp Subaru-Robin model EX or SP17, 3/4” keyed crankshaft, recoil start $279
  • 9hp Subaru-Robin model EX27, 1” Keyed crankshaft, recoil start $475
  • 9hp Honda model GX270, 1” Keyed crankshaft, recoil start $575
  • 10hp Yamaha model MZ300, 1” Keyed crankshaft, recoil start $500
  • 11.5hp Yamaha model MX360, 1” Keyed crankshaft, recoil start $575
  • 13hp Honda model GX390, 1” Keyed crankshaft, recoil start $650
  • 13hp Honda model gX390, 1” Keyed crankshaft, recoil AND electric start $800


  • For engines with ¾” keyed crankshaft (7hp and smaller): $180
  • For engines with 1” keyed crankshaft, up to 11hp (some exceptions): $180
  • For either of the above, but to fit an SEP Mainline tractor: ADD $40
  • Safety system update kit: If your tractor had an ACME engine and a red “safety lever” on the handlebar that you have to hold down to keep the engine running, this kit gives you the hardware to update/adapt that safety system to your new engine WHEN USING THE ABOVE ADAPTER KIT OPTIONS: $29
  • To fit BCS 201 model & 203 (after ser. #11464) model tractors, fits engines with ¾” keyed shaft (kit # BCS 922.90705): $249
  • To fit BCS model 205 tractors ONLY, fits engines with ¾” keyed shaft (kit # BCS 922.90704): $185
  • For engines with 1” crankshaft, 12hp and up: $330 (includes hardware to update & adapt “safety” lever on tractor handlebar to new engine)
  • NOTE: The above adapter kits come with bolts to mount the adapter plate to the engine. These bolts are U.S./Standard threads (first 4 kits come with 5/16”x24 bolts, last kit comes with 3/8”x16 bolts), since U.S./Standard threads is the standard for the “American/SAE” bolt-patterns on Honda, Subaru, Briggs & Kohler engines. HOWEVER, It HAS come to our attention that some of the cheap Chinese-made “Honda clone” engines DO NOT have U.S. threads, or have incorrect U.S. threads (for example: 5/16” coarse thread instead of fine). If you are buying one of these cheap engines, please be aware that any needed non-standard fasteners are your responsibility. We supply the kits only with the standard fasteners mentioned above.


  • Wrap-around bumper (Black) with skid plate for all engines listed EXCEPT 6hp Subaru-Robin AND electric start Kohler 9.5hp, with bolts : $85 (IF PURCHASED WITH A NEW ENGINE: $70)
  • Wrap-around bumper (Blue) for 6hp Subaru-Robin (will also fit Honda 5&6 hp, Briggs 5&6hp), with bolts: $50
  • Wrap-around Bumper to fit Kohler 9.5hp Electric start engine: $95
  • (Bumpers that were mounted on ACME engines will not fit anything but ACME…unless you make it fit by modifying it yourself)

Call Earth Tools at 502-484-3988 to order. All can ship UPS or FedEx ground. (all engine prices subject to availability and may change without notice–call for current info)