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Caravaggi 40" power sweeper on BCS tractor

These tough gear-driven sweepers are equipped with a universal joint in the drive shaft which allows the broom to operate angled to the left, right or center position; the angle adjustment lever protrudes conveniently back toward the operator for quick adjustments while sweeping. Popular uses for this tool include snow (excellent for snows of 5” or less), dirt and debris removal on parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, construction sites, loading docks, etc. Even does a good job on leaf and pine needle removal on lawns and some folks use it for de-thatching lawns.

Bellon 48” power sweeper

Swivel caster wheels infinitely regulate sweeping height/pressure; oscillating swivel-joint in mounting flange allows sweeper to follow ground contours independently of the tractor wheels. Equipped with polypropylene bristles standard; poly-wire bristles optional (40” size only). Gearbox features fully hardened steel gears and ball bearings in oil bath enclosed in a cast-iron housing. We carry 3 different brands, in order to give our customers the best price for all available sizes.

BCS brand 31” Power Sweeper

  • Fits BCS or Grillo 5.5 hp & up
  • Brush Speed (at max engine speed): 290 rpm
  • Item 921.91890 (BCS 620 - 853 (not 750) Grillo G85 - G110 w. adapters) $1725 $1639

Caravaggi brand 40” Power Sweeper

  • Fits BCS & Grillo 7.5 hp & up
  • Brush Speed (at max engine speed): 290 rpm
  • Item SW10-B (BCS 620, 722 - 948, Grillo G131 with adapter) $1940 $1400
  • Item SW10-G (Grillo G85(8hp) - G110) $1940 $1400

Bellon brand 48” Power Sweeper

  • Fits BCS 10 hp & up, Grillo G110
  • Brush Speed (at max engine speed): 350 rpm
  • Item MSP1200-B (BCS 10 hp & up, Grillo G131 with adapters) $1999 $1650
  • Item MSP1200-G (Grillo G110) $1999 $1650