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Berta 2-Stage Snowblowers (snow throwers)

If really high volumes of snow (more than 16” deep) need to be moved on a regular basis, it’s time to consider the 2-stage option. These all gear-driven powerhouses have 35% more volume capacity than our single-stage units and equal or better performance. The build quality of these implements is fully up to the standards of the Berta company (who manufactures our incredibly popular and virtually indestructible Rotary Plow implement for soilworking) …this blower is nearly twice the weight of the single-stage unit of the same size.

The housings are all plate steel, and the “scoop” at the bottom of the mouth is 3/8” thick steel. Units feature adjustable skids as well, and a crank handle for chute rotation which comes up to the operator position. The top louver on the chute is manually adjustable to control the “loft” of the snow…there is also an optional handlebar-mounted remote adjustment kit for this louver. These units are double-shear-pin protected: a shear pin on the input shaft to protect the “second” stage impeller AND shear pins on the augers for “first” stage. Heat-treated gears and ball bearings in oil bath encased in cast-iron gearbox. Truly built with full-time commercial use in mind, and the kind of snow they get in the Alps! (Color of Berta snowblowers may vary.)

Click here for a video of the BCS tractor w/Berta 2-stage snowblower in action.

Berta 28” 2-Stage Snow Blower

  • Fits BCS or Grillo 10 hp & up
  • Item SP.70D300-B (fits BCS 732 - 948) $1849 $1699
  • Item SP.70D300-G (fits Grillo G85d - G110) $1849 $1699
  • Item BER-REMOTE-CHUTE-KIT (optional remote adjustment kit for top louver on chute): $229 $200

Berta 33” Snow Blower, 2 Stage

  • Fits BCS or Grillo 13hp & up gas, 11hp & up diesel
  • Item SP.85D370-B (fits BCS 749 - 948, Grillo G131 with adapters) $2099 $1949
  • Item SP.85D370-G (fits Grillo G110) $2099 $1949
  • Item BER-REMOTE-CHUTE-KIT (optional remote adjustment kit for top louver on chute): $229 $200

NOTE REGARDING SHIPPING: To reduce the chances of damage in transit, these units are shipped not-quite-fully assembled … all models will require the chute to be installed to the top (5 minutes or less).